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We are invited to China (Guangzhou) International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition.Sep.20th 2012. Our booth number T362-T363


Our booth number is A396
Integrated circuit electronics chemical
the photoresist, lot reagents, electronics &specialty gases, packaging materials;
PCB electronic chemicals
substrate with chemical materials, processing with chemicals, electronic engineering adhesives, etc.
Flat panel display industrial electronics chemical
display board base material, liquid crystal display (LCD) materials, plasma display materials, organic electroluminescent display materials, vacuum fluorescence display materials, projection display materials, ect.
New energy battery electronic chemicals
alithium electricity battery material, cathode material, anode materials, the diaphragm and electrolyte, ect.
b, solar cells with electronic chemicals, ect.
ccapacitor chemicals.
Containing fluorine, containing silicon electronics chemical
inorganic fluoride, organic fluoride, other containing fluoride, organic silicon, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, semiconductor silicon, silicone resin, electronic silicone material, optical silicon anticipates, ect.
Other electronic chemicals and special equipmentsemiconductor with inorganic electronic chemicals, hybrid circuit with chemicals, rare earth compounds, electrical coating, conductive polymer, ect.
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